Ken Helfig
The Helfig Law Firm

Elaine is outstanding. When my business needed help and answers when it came to wading through the muck of the telephone bills and services being received elsewhere, Elaine not only helped me understand what was happening, but she also saved me and my company a great deal of money so that I had more. I can’t recommend her enough to other business owners. If you have a telephone for your business–and you know that you do!–you need Elaine and everyone at Tele-Vantage/ACCUBILL!

Marc Klinger
Piedmont Plastics Inc.

We have been working with Tele-Vantage/ACCUBILL since October of 2004. Elaine’s firm performs contingency audits of the telecom expenses and I told her that if she can get us money back on any of our billing mistakes, then I have no problem paying her 50% of something we don’t have today. Elaine performed an intensive audit on bills from our primary carrier and we received over $100,000 in credits! She went on to retrieve another $44,000 from a vendor we were no longer receiving services from. Elaine digs deep into the details and she has a passion for rooting out every last mistake, no matter how small. Over the years, Elaine’s company has saved us even more money in renegotiating contracts and fixing errors that occur. Her firm has become a trusted partner to our company. They are a resource to us and help run our day to day telecommunications operations. It is a great peace of mind to know that they are available to us all day, every day, for any service issues or to help us open up, move, or close our locations. Elaine is always looking out for our best interest and the most cost effective way for us to obtain our services. Her excellent staff embodies the principles of integrity and devotion to her customers that Elaine brings to the table. We would highly recommend Tele-Vantage/ACCUBILL to any other firm, big or small, that could make use of their talents.

Art Graham
Alliance Channel Manager-AT&T
Previously Strategic Initiatives Group/Director, Intermedia Communications

I have known Elaine for the past 12+ years. Elaine is, by far, the most aggressive customer advocate I have encountered in my technology career. She will doggedly pursue overcharges and fees for her clients. To that point, Elaine recouped, over time, in excess of $90K for a mutual customer. Your firm would do well to engage Elaine’s firm, Tele-Vantage/ACCUBILL, to streamline your technology spend. Her firm can recoup overcharges from your carrier as well as consult with you to find the best technology solutions for your company!

Janet Burnette
Premier Account Consultant, CenturyLink

If you are fortunate enough to have Elaine and Tele-Vantage/ACCUBILL working on your behalf, you are in excellent hands. Elaine and her team will work harder to take care of your company than anyone I have ever worked with in over 25 years in telecom. That includes painstaking audits, credit negotiations, consulting services, and all aspects of customer service. They literally won’t sleep until the job is done and the wrongs are righted! Tele-Vantage/ACCUBILL is a huge asset to your business.

Eddie Clark
Senior Network Engineer / Partner at Innovative Network Computer Solutions, Inc.

My client was having trouble with a service provider from nearly every perspective: billing, service delivery, communication, etc. Elaine effectively resolved billing issues resulting in credits to my client. Additionally, she assisted me by renegotiating the contract to increase services with minimal cost and convinced the provider to bring their “A” game to the table. I highly recommend the Tele-Vantage team!

Carolyn Hall

Elaine helped us resolve many of the problems we were having with our phone service. She knew who to contact and hung in there with us throughout the time to get things running smoothly. She is SUPER and knows who and when to contact…you WILL benefit from her services.

Mary Kathryn Ewart

I had no idea what to expect when Elaine offered to review my Internet/Cable Provider invoice. I honestly thought reviewing my Internet/Cable services was “small potatoes” compared to larger companies with numerous services. Boy, was I wrong! Elaine requested a copy of an invoice, asked me a few questions, and then said, “I’ve got some options for you.” Elaine e-mailed a breakdown of my current services and charges and then the new negotiated charges. She also uncovered a billed service I never ordered, which resulted in additional savings! My personal experience showed me that nothing is trivial in Elaine’s eyes. It doesn’t matter how much the invoice is or what should be reviewed. With a copy of an invoice, Elaine can find the hidden savings. I strongly suggest to at least talk to her about your services and see what happens.

Harris Clark
Owner, Rapid Response

Elaine has assisted with my business and personal telephone requirements over the years, offering a great deal of professional advice. I have always found her to be knowledgeable, helpful, and able to offer cost saving advice. She is also a high quality person of integrity. I recommend her service to anyone interested in saving money. If you allow her the opportunity, she will help you personally and professionally.

Joe Erazo
Previously Solutions Engineer, US LEC (business partner)

I have known and worked with Elaine for 20 plus years and when I owned an Independent telephone company in New York, she reviewed my clients’ bills and discovered savings from the audit she provided. She then secured future savings by suggesting the best long distance carrier to use.

Ellen Jones
HOA Board Past President

For over four years I had the pleasure of working with Elaine on our HOA Board. Elaine used her auditing skills to get credits from the water company, gas company, and electric company, achieving credits of over $15,000. While doing research on the best siding to use, she found out about a little known claim for siding warranties and obtained over $70,000 in cold hard cash for our association. Elaine has an incredible work ethic and her attention to detail is spectacular. Her energy appears to be boundless.