ACCUBILL Gets Results

Plastics Company – Colorado
In this situation, the customer changed from frame relay services to internet services and their telecom provider continued billing for both. We removed the frame relay services from the bill and received credit for all months with overlap billing; approximate credit was $21,000 and the monthly savings after correction was $5,000. Annual savings was $60,000.

Another credit was obtained in the amount of $929 for early termination charges for canceling their frame relay service when their telecom provider upgraded them to the internet replacement services.

Yet another credit was obtained for this client; in this case, it was for a discount that had not been applied for the last 6 months of the client’s contract in regards to five of their frame relay circuits. This credit equaled 40% of their billing, in the amount of $8,292. The client’s monthly savings from the correction of the discount was $1,382 with annual savings totaling $16,584. If we had not looked at every bill for the entire three year period, this would have been totally missed.

Plastics Company – National Coverage
Customer had massive billing errors with local, long-distance, and data network providers. Billing mistakes included missing promotional credits, incorrect rates on local and long distance lines, and special pricing discounts not applied every month, which would come and go with no reasoning. Credits for all mistakes amounted to approximately $100,000 and monthly savings were in the $3,000 – $5,000 range.

Marketing Company – NYC
This customer was paying $723 per month for 35 lines with a local telephone company in NYC. Two years prior to our audit they had moved across the street and had forgotten to disconnect the lines. Cancelling the lines saved them $8,676 per year.

Additionally, the provider was billing for usage on local and long distance even though free-minute packages had been purchased. The customer received $800 in credits for all the calls that had billed usage.

Finally, the customer was paying $900 per month for their internet circuit. We negotiated the internet circuit price down to $600 per month and increased the speed at same time. The customer’s monthly savings were $300 with annual savings of $3,600.

Insurance Company – NYC
We renegotiated a Managed Network Services Contract and saved this customer $1,217 per month and $14,604 annually. We also renegotiated their Data Services Contract and saved them $4,041 per month, annualized at $48,492 per year. This equated to a $145,476 savings over the 3-year term of the contract.

Exterminating Company – SC
A BellSouth representative provided 3-year contract pricing to customer for their local telephone service at 20 locations. Tele-Vantage/ACCUBILL had BellSouth create a Special Customer Arrangement Contract instead for one year less which saved the customer $33,000 from the BellSouth Direct representative quote. Once the services were installed, Tele-Vantage/ACCUBILL reviewed the bills and obtained $3,500 in credits for install charges mistakenly billed.

A BellSouth Direct representative also quoted the customer on a data network at $17,000 per month. After Tele-Vantage/ACCUBILL provided competitive bids, BellSouth reduced their pricing to $13,500 per month and saved the customer $3,500 per month and $42,000 annually. Over the 3-year contract term, this savings equated to $126,000 staying in the customer’s pocket.

Additionally, the client had a remote office location billed $82 per month since 1992 for four phones and small system, which was equal to a total cost of $13,776. The actual phone system and phones would have cost between $2,500 and $3,000 to buy outright back in 1992. The phone company would have continued billing this forever. There was an annual savings of $984.

Small Home Business – NC
We helped this customer obtain a credit form BellSouth by re-configuring their current monthly service. They experienced savings of $72 per month and $864 per year.

With a mobile bill review, the customer also received net savings of $300 per month after changing four mobile phone plans.

University – NC
The customer was charged for many miscellaneous and fraudulent services that popped up on bills without being ordered. Credits totaling $2,000 were obtained for these charges with monthly savings of $150 going forward.

The customer was also charged by their local telephone company for 30 surcharges that should not have been there. These surcharges were removed, providing a credit of approximately $4,960 and monthly savings of $206.

Distribution Company – NC
While reviewing their bills, we turned up major billing issues in rates, promotional credits, and lines that were supposed to be disconnected, as well as fees for lines that were not on their services. Credits exceeded $48,000 and monthly savings equated to about $2,000 per month going forward.

Lubrication Company – NC
We helped this client receive a two-year credit for $1,500 from their local telephone company for a line that was previously disconnected but was still being billed.

Equipment Rental Company – National Coverage
The customer received $92,000 on incorrectly billed casual long distance rates. They also received another $400,000 in multiple credits over multiple years for many other billing errors.