Telecom Bill Bundling Services

  • One bill to pay for all your telecom invoices. Your bills are audited for accuracy, then paid. You receive one invoice and access to many management reports that you can customize for your business.

Mobile Phone Management Services

  • Monthly device and usage management (MDM) for all your mobile phones, iPads®, and data devices. This includes mobile device policy consultation and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Management.

Office Automation Services

  • Copier, Document Management, Printer, Scanner, Faxing
  • Equipment Service Maintenance Contract Costs
  • Service Agreement Costs, etc.

Physical Facilities Services

  • Building Security & Control System Expenses, Burglar Alarms, Fire Alarms, Electronic Surveillance
  • Heating & Cooling Systems
  • Pest Control
  • Waste Disposal  Expenses (Including Medical)

Utility & Energy Services

  • Natural Gas, Propane, Electric, Water

Fleet Vehicle Services

  • Fleet Lease, Insurance, and Management Expenses
  • Fleet Maintenance & Repair Costs
  • Fleet GPS & Fuel Service Expenses and Mobile PCs

Freight, Shipping, and Postage Services

  • General Postage & Overnight Shipping Service Expenses
  • Airfreight & Intermodal Shipping Expenses
  • LTL & Truckload Shipping Expenses

Insurance & Risk Management

  • Business Insurance (Property, Casualty, Liability)

Merchant Services

  • Credit Card Processing Service Expenses
  • Merchant Account Expenses
  • Check Processing & EB Services

HR Department Services

  • Employee Benefit Service Expenses
  • Payroll Service Expenses
  • Other HR Service Expenses (Background Checks, Drug Screenings, COBRA Administration, etc.)

Purchasing Management
(Target Industries: Food Services, Hospitality, Canteen, Wholesale)

  • Contract Analysis
  • Supplier Account Review

Business Continuity and Disaster Planning Services

Real Estate Leasing