Telecom Invoice Audit Services

ACCUBILL will audit your bills FREE! We work on a contingency basis and do not charge a fee unless we obtain credits, refunds, or savings for our customers. We find that most bills contain some errors, no matter how small. Our services include:

  • Telephone Bill Auditing
  • Monthly Telephone Bill Review
  • Telecom Expense Management
  • Mobility Management

 How It Works

  1. You give us a copy of your most recent bills and the contracts for the services that you want reviewed. Where available, we can go online with your provider and review your telecom bills.
  2. We conduct all aspects of the audit in our offices so there is no disruption to you or your staff.
  3. When we find that you are entitled to a refund, we negotiate on your behalf and the credit is posted to your bills or a refund check is mailed to you.
  4. We then bill you for a percentage of the credit or savings.

It’s that easy!