ACCUBILL – Telecom Expense Auditing & Management

ACCUBILL, a Tele-Vantage company, provides creative telecom expense management solutions for companies. Because it is our business to help your business, we offer contingency based telecom bill audits. We never charge out-of-pocket fees for our services since it is our goal to help you reduce operating costs, specifically in the telecommunications area. This area can be complicated and confusing and we understand that for many businesses it can seem like a puzzle with far too many pieces. That is why it is crucial for your company to have a telecom expert and advocate working on your behalf. ACCUBILL is dedicated to solving telecom issues, which is why you can trust us and our audits.

We’re the Artisan Bakery in the Midst of Grocery Stores

We manually inspect every item on a bill while other companies use software that just skims for common errors. The difference between these two techniques is like the difference between buying your croissant at the grocery store instead of an artisan bakery. The grocery store takes mass produced frozen items and heats them up to sell high volume while the bakery takes the care and attention needed to craft a superb croissant like a French pastry chef.

We never overlook the more obscure billing issues other companies miss. Once our intensive audit is completed, we utilize our Tele-Vantage Division to obtain rate quotes that will help you optimize your services. We are experts and professionals with more than 20 years of experience reviewing bills and we will find every last mistake.

We have performed these services for companies across the United States, Canada, and even the United Kingdom. We use our experience to ensure the accuracy of our customers’ invoices by auditing local and long distance telecom bills, as well as bills for data, internet, phone systems, and mobile phones. It doesn’t matter to us what the size of your business is or where you are located. Our auditors are located nationally and work with businesses of any size. In every situation we pride ourselves on delivering superior customer service and handling your business needs as if they were our own.

For over 20 years we have been keeping pace with the rapidly changing telecommunications industry. The phone companies who provide credits, refunds, and savings for ACCUBILL’s customers respect our attention to detail and accuracy when bringing a customer’s billing issues to their attention. In turn, we know that you will respect the time we take to bring optimal solutions for your review. We believe in helping our customers understand what we do, rather than just blindly trusting our suggestions; our professional team will work with you as we provide accurate telecommunication audits.