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Welcome to Tele-Vantage! We work with companies for telecom expense management solutions, and we provide garbage, invoice, and phone bill audits to improve telecom spending and reduce unnecessary charges. There are so many pieces to the telecom puzzle that it’s crucial to have an advocate working on your behalf. Many times the CFOs and IT Directors are bombarded with people trying to sell them services. All of these salespeople present the information in different ways for the same services, so it takes a seasoned telecom expert to put those proposals into apples-to-apples comparisons. Evaluating the options properly will ensure that you actually get the services you are contracted for at the rates in the proposals. This eliminates some of the smoke and mirrors used by overzealous salespeople.

We are dedicated to our customers and offer 24/7 support for their trouble calls. As a single-source company for your telecom expense management and data needs, we can help you open new locations and move locations by obtaining wiring and phone system (new or refurbished) bids, helping you select the best vendors, and ordering your local, long distance and data/internet services. Come opening day, all your services are installed and working the way you require. To make sure your telecom expenses continue to run smoothly, we audit invoices for garbage, internet, and phone bills.

In this tough economy we are also “Disconnection” specialists. There is a lot more to be done behind the scenes when you are closing down locations. It’s common for telephone companies to continue billing for only pieces of services, such as 1/2 of a circuit, long distance fees, features etc., long after a location has been closed down. It takes years of experience to ensure that this doesn’t happen, which is where our telecom experts can help. We can also help you sell your phone system on the refurbished market or store it away to be used again at another location. Why hire additional personnel to downsize your locations when you can outsource them to Tele-Vantage?

Browse our website to check out some of the Success Stories and things our customers have said about our services!


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